Self-taught artist, Kristi was born and raised in Port Elizabeth. Once she completed school, Kristi moved to Cape Town to study and work as a Graphic Designer before pursing her career as a full-time artist.

Kristi’s art career started off by selling detailed watercolour paintings of South African wildlife to the tourism industry and at the end of 2019 she went from creating mainstream, popular art to conceptualising and expressing her thoughts and emotions through her work.

Kristi used her art, theme and use of colour as a way to deal with emotions that she was struggling to work through. She uses different mediums to express her feelings; watercolour was one of the first mediums that she practiced expressing in. She later went on to use acrylic in the same manner to express the sensation of being underwater.

In her oil artworks, Kristi takes a different perspective. While maintaining the theme, colour and storyline, Kristi shows how she has progressed not only as an artist but mentally as a person. Textures and use of brushwork and a palette knife are now evident to play on our sensory. These textured surfaces usually portray high-rise rock formations or mountains.

Her next series, The Soil From Which I Come From, which she is currently working on, is based on the same practical principle of aerial and landscape perspective and done in the same manner. Kristi explores Africa as a whole and the earthly colours she found along her trip in June 2019. Moving from water to land naturally, she finds herself exploring not only her surroundings but also the woman she is today.

These large plains of open land, the abundance of space gives her admiration and inspiration. She finds comfort and almost a sense of familiarity in the openness and expansion of these large plains of endless land. With each sunrise and sunset ever changing, she found herself sourcing her idea’s and colour scheme from this land she calls home.

Kristi has exhibited in two solo shows and several group exhibitions.

Solo Shows:
Submerge: Art is Art, Cape Town, September 2020
Thalassophobia: Ogūn, Cape Town, October 2019

Selected Group Shows:
The Act of Bureau Collective, Group Show, Cape Town, February 2021
WAM Art, Clay Café, Group Show, Cape Town, December 2020
She Impressions, Project Space, Group Show, Johannesburg, December 2019